SalesForce querying and writing in Toad Data Point

My team and I have been using Toad DP to query our SalesForce database for a while now, but we are interested in writing to the SalesForce db. Is this at all possible in Toad?

Hi prnelson,

I am not a Salesforce developer-like user myself nor do i have direct access to verify it - i was able to find the following:

SELECT Id, SObjectType, PermissionsRead, Parent.label, Parent.IsOwnedByProfile
FROM ObjectPermissions
WHERE (ParentId
IN (SELECT PermissionSetId
FROM PermissionSetAssignment
WHERE Assignee.Name = 'John Doe'))
(PermissionsRead = true)
(SobjectType = 'Account')

I believe the above code can be executed to determine permissions for a specific salesforce object type (i.e. Account, Opportunity…). I hope someone else can confirm whether only selecting data is allowed from TDP or also any other advanced stuff i found on the internet.