Read Only Install Restrictions

We are in the process of moving from another query tool to Toad Data Point. The previous tool allow the end user to use the DECLARE statement within their scripts. It appears that Data Point restricts the use of the DECLARE statement with the Read Only install. I would have thought the restirction would only apply to DML statements and adminstration functions. Is there a way around this? We are using Data Point against Sql Server Databases.

Thanks, Jim

We should only be restricting insert, updates, and deletes. Can you post a screenshot of what you are experiencing?

Hi Debbie,

Below are the results from the full install and the read only istall for 2 basic statements. Please let me know if you need any addition information.

Thanks, Jim



I see. We should not be preventing those statements. I entered QAT-12625 for this and intend to fix for TDP 4.5.