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Save As Dialog -- how to append schema name?


Can “Save As” append the schema name to the file name?

I have a procedure loaded in the Editor that I loaded by right-clicking in Schema Browser and selecting load in editor. The create or replace statement has schema.procedure name. But when I click Save As the dialog box appears and only has procedure name.prc. Is there a way to have it append the schema name on the front of it? For example, schema.procedure name.prc.


in Toad Editor I have

Create or replace procedure myschema.proc1 as




When I click to Save I want it to default to myschema.proc1.prc. Instead I get proc1.prc.

I suppose if i opened the file from the file system with the schema name already on it – it would retain that value, but that is not always the situation.

I think this should go to Ideapond as a request for new feature.

Ok Damir, I posted this to Idea Pond