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Schema Backup export import

The Oracle export Utility most be specified.
I already read everything related to the topic on the internet.
I have oracle 12c and toad for oracle xpert 10.5
In any case I do not find the exp.exe or imp.exe file. In any case it would help me a lot if they help me to use another method, per cmd, using rman, or anything.
Keep in mind that I'm not from the server the connections to the bd are by vpn so the toad provides me with that import facility. Pero si se conoce el comando de import desde el cmd, eso sería ideal

If server is remote and connection is slow, it will be faster to log into the server's OS so you can export there, then copy the file to wherever you want to import it, then import it there.

But if you want to export from your PC....

The imp.exe and exp.exe files are in the Oracle client's \bin folder, unless you have an instant client. They are not included with an instant client.

If you have a non-instant client, go here to specify the imp.exe and exp.exe files.

if you have an instant client, then you may want to install a non-instant client so you can use imp and exp. you can find that here: If you have 32 bit Toad, get the 32 bit Oracle client. If you have 64 bit Toad, you need the 64 bit oracle client.

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