Schema Browser Script slow

Under schema browser, tables, scripts in 12.5 and 12.12 it is very erratic on the time it takes to bring up the script/dll....
as the developer says, "slow as molasses".....and, I have run statistics on sys/system..
I see other posts on here so just wondering if there is a solution.

Try the latest version (even if trial). I did a lot of work in the past few releases to speed it up.

One thing that may help you would be to rename ToadActions.dat. But if you do that, whatever actions you set up in automation designer will be gone. You can export first and them import after if you want.

Even without the ToadActions.dat trick, Toad 13.1 should be faster at creating scripts than 12.x. And 13.2 should be a tiny bit faster than 13.1, although probably not noticeably.

I see...problem is we don't have admin on our machines hence it is something we have to schedule, ticket, wait a week or two..blah blah....I'll try the to any other ideas. Also thanks for the quick reply

Make sure Toad is not running when you rename ToadActions.dat.

New version will certainly help.

I don't think there is much else you can do except turn off the options that you don't want. For instance, make sure you aren't including Insert Statements for tables if you don't want them.

thanks...renaming toadactions.dat, what is that file? purpose? Will we have to do that periodically until we upgrade?

That file remembers a lot of actions you do in Toad, so you can quickly do them again.

Look in Automation Designer. Esp under the "Action Recall" section. That's what's in the file. Also the "Rerun" main menu item.

One thing you could do that might help is keep the file small by going to Options -> General, then set "Save ___ Toad Actions per action type" to a low number like 5 or so.

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