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Schema Compare Sync Script does not include Partiion 'Values Less Than' clause

I ran the schema compare utility between 2 environments. It showed that some of my range partitioned tables had different partitions between the 2 environments. Unfortunately the alter table statements in the sync script do not contain the ‘Values less than’ clause. Is there an option I have to select to get this to show up or is it a bug?

I am running TOAD for Oracle v12.5.1.1 against an database


If you are getting any ‘alter table’ statement at all, there must be some other difference in the tables. Toad’s schema compare does not run merge/split partition statements to try to match the partitions up, but it should identify the difference on the results tab.

If the tables are empty, the easiest solution would be to just drop on the target and re-run the compare. If they contain that you want to preserve it gets trickier, but one way of synching them would be to use the DBMS_Redefinition wizard (if you have the DBA Module on your Toad license).