Script Runner and Toad Data Point 5.7 - not quite working

I'm running Toad Data Point (32 bit). Is Script Runner not packaged with it?

I try to invoke some code out of the TDP editor window, but then I get "Error executing external command" error. It almost seems like a configuration issue because using the External App is available in the interface.


Figured it out. The config location is in the preferences / options under Oracle. TDP 5.7 was still looking for the Script Runner (“QSR”) in a (now missing) 5.3 directory. Had to change a 3 to a 7.

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Yup, was just going to reply with much the same screen snap... readers be aware that the Quest Script Runner (QSR... sometimes referred to as Toad Script Runner- TSR) is a light-weight executable that comes with Toad for Oracle and Toad Data Point products, and allows Oracle scripts and queries to be executed in a separate connection thread from that used in Toad.

Note that QSR allows for execution of Oracle queries and scripts only.