Scripting Galleries

I would like to be able to build a Gallery from entities in my model using a script. Could I see a sample of how to address the Gallery class and add new elements programattically? Thanks.

Hi Michal,

can you write me what should the script do, please? It might be something what we can add to the product. Currently you can either select objects on workspace or in physical model explorer and choose Add Objects to Gallery. What would the script do in addition to the currently available functionality, please?



My ultimate goal is to build a FACT table for a data mart that contains columns from a variety of source systems. I already have the source system tables defined, so I’d like to be able to either drag and drop or programatically determine which columns are ultimately used in the FACT table. So I want to use the gallery as a means of doing this quickly and accurately. I figured I could copy into the gallery and then from the gallery into an entity.

I notice that if you highlight more than one attribute it does not bring them over singley but as a single attribute with a definition made up of the multiple names.

I think this could function as a great product enhancement for anyone building data marts. Otherwise, you have to bring the attributes over one by one or else define them in the target table using the entity editor.

I see now how dragging attributes consolidates all of the attributes into one name. This is useful, but I’d still like the flexibility to have one attribute per one item in the gallery. The only way I can do that now is to drag over one at a time. This is tedious with hundreds of attributes.


thanks for sending us details. Unfortunately galleries cannot be easily scripted. Also, when you drag attribute that uses domain, for example, both the items are grouped under one gallery entry… in other words, there are various rules and dependencies that affect management of items in the gallery. We will consider improvements, currently you can only add single attributes to the gallery one by one.



I figured there were some complexities involved. Thanks for the answer.