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Scripting has been interrupted by user


this is my first time to use toad oracle

I want to make reverse engineering

My database is Oracle 11g release 2

I clicked on the reverse engineering icon , the wizard started and I passed the first 4 steps -until successfully connected to the database.

on "Select Data migrator I click next. the log show this error:

Scripting has been interrupted by user

Can anybody help me



Just to clarify, you’re using Toad Data Modeler. It may be a part of Toad for Oracle Suite but don’t let the name confuse you.

I assume you use TDM version 4.X. I would recommend you to upgrade to any of the 5.X versions, since your version is over two years old and during that time lots of fixes and improvements were implemented. It’s quite possible that newer version will solve your problem. You might want to try the latest TDM BETA, for example.

yes, it is TDM 3.5

Thank you for your help

I will download the latest version