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Searching export file

I have been tasked with pulling data from some old oracle db dumps. I am able to open the exports using Export File Browser and can pull the data row by row, but it would be much easier if I could run SQL against the export file. Is this possible or would I have to import the export into a oracle instance first and run my queries there?


If your queries aren’t too complex, you might be able to just use the filter on the column headers of the Data tab on the export file browser. Hover your mouse on the column header, then click the filter icon, and choose “Custom”. It should be pretty self explanatory from there.

Another option is to right-click in the grid and choose “Export Dataset”. You can export to Excel or Access and maybe do some filtering there.

But if those options don’t work for you and you want to run some “real” queries, then yeah, importing it to some database is the way to go.

ok, thanks for the quick reply.