Searching in the Option screen and Editor idiosyncrasy

Two things I have noticed with 10.6

In the Options screen, type java in the Search field and hit enter.

It shows only one line in the debugger section with a caption of: Allow stepping into Java Source.
There is a Enable DBMS_JAVA Output check mark in that section that does not show in the search.

Also, if you double click on the line that returns from the search, it does not show anything blinking on the top screen because the caption “Allow stepping into Java Source” is disabled.
Maybe you should still make the caption blink.

When loading something on the editor, the lines on the left of some statements like begin/end, if/endif do not show (sorry don’t know the names of those lines).
As soon as you start editing, they show.

Also, I’ve never found a version of Toad so buggy!
Most of the stuff is in the details, but not allowing to edit Java from the navigator is very important.