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Toad - When trying to load Java I get an error


Good morning,
Right click on j(s) icon for the Java program I want to load, click on Load in Editor.
Get error: java source %1 does not exist or you do not have the necessary privileges to access it.

This runs fine in


Make sure “check for access to dba views” is checked in the options.


check for access to dba views is checked.

Also, I noticed the following in both versions ( &
In the option screen, type java in the Search field and hit enter.

It shows only one line in the debugger section with a caption of: Allow stepping into Java Source.
There is a Enable DBMS_JAVA Output check mark in that section that does not show in the search.

If you double click on the line that returns from the search, it does not show anything blinking on the top screen because there is nothing with that caption (Allow stepping into Java Source)!


I can reproduce and should have it fixed for next beta and likely the patch.



Thanks Michael,
Did you reproduce both issues?
The Java error when trying to load into the Editor, and the Search?


Good morning,
Will the search be fixed too?