Select to File within a Loop_row_1

I have been trying to use TDA automation to create a set of Excel tabs in a workbook (one for each of the Business Units codes).

However I have hit a brick wall when trying to use ‘Select to File’… I first choose and configured this activity within the Loop_row_1 setting up the export options to append worksheet.

But when I click the Test button it fail stating I need to include a database connection.

So I added this within the Loop_row_1, but now received the following failure message:
“Timestamp Message 27/08/2011 16:10:59 Activity 'File_1' validation failed: The SQL Script file does not exist or the embedded SQL is invalid£.

Any Ideas what I have done wrong?

Look at your script settings. Make sure and turn off Embed SQL. You can find this at the end of the properites when selecting the description activity. (The Grey box at the top)

Then try to reselect your SQL file and retest.

If this does not resolve zip up your tas file and all referenced files and attach or send to my email so I can take a look.


Try the attached sample script. I think this is what you want to do. Place file in C:\temp and it connects to the Toad Sample Database.

Script_DebTest.tas (12.3 KB)