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select with DB-link does not work

I have Toad for Oracle on a Windows 7 pc. I have a select on a table in a different Oracle database by using a db-link. WHen I execute this statement with ctrl+CR or F9 I get an error message: “ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found”. When I execute this as a script (F5) the sql executes ok. Anyone knows what is wrong?

I need how to call table one database to another database.
Please help me to anyone…

I also get “ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found” on Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition running on Windows 7 x64. How is the SQL (or PL/SQL) window executing the query differently than the script feature? I also have this problem when creating a DBLink.

Found the resolution at

A Default Schema had been set in the Toad Options for all users logging into that database instance and that schema did not own the database link being used.