Help on error in Toad with a DBLink to SQL Server (Data source name not found and no default driver specified {IM002})

Hi, I'm requesting for help...

I already have DBLinks working with Oracle, Informix and Teradata DBs but I have trouble connecting to SQL Server, I supossed because of the domains of the server and my pc because they're differents.

Also I already create the ODBC connection and the test results successfully.

For example I access directly that SQL Server DB with SSMS and windows authentication, but I need to cross information of both DBs so I want to connect the Oracle to SQL Server because I have no chance to do the other way, I'm owner of the Oracle DB but not for the SQL Server DB.

Actually the owner of the SQL Server has to add my user with my specific domain (DOMAIN\user) because I wasn't able to login at first, because of the different domains.

Error in the DBLink creation:
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified {IM002}

Without seeing how you defined the link, or what steps produce this issue, hard to say. Still smells of a problem with bridging across the different domain segments. Maybe Support can help.

That said, may I ask why you're using DB links? If you need to access different platforms in the same app, there's a Toad flavor for that (it's called Toad Data Point). That product would allow you to connect directly to your sources, and even easily blend disparate sources together in the same query. Just a thought...