SERVERPROPERTY is not a recognized function name when connection to sql server


I am new to SQL Server (Oracle DBA by trade), but have been asked to find a GUI for SQL Server. I have downloaded the TOAD for SQL Server but when i try and connect to our databases i get the following message

SERVERPROPERTY is not a recognized function name

we have sql server 7 on a win2000 server

any idea what i am doing wrong?



Hi Dave,

Is your SQL Server version before 2000?Toad can’t support the early old version,

could you please update your SQL Server version to 2000 or later? (2014 in not include,we will support it in next release)

It’s welcome If you have more questions.



Thanks Cathy, yes we are using an older version of SQL Server. I will find another tool to use as I am unable to upgrade at this time

thanks for your help


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