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Session Browser - Long Ops - Context Column


We use the Long Ops tab in Session Browser to view our long running processes. In our code’s processing loop, the first step is to set the “CONTEXT” or what is being processed with the end of the loop incrementing the “SOFAR” counter.

This allows for someone viewing the V$SESSION_LONGOPS table the ability to see the work completed so far, estimate on how much longer the work will take, along with what is currently being processed.

Is there a way in the Session Browser / Long Ops tab to show the “Context”? This would show us what is currently being worked on providing a greater insight into our process.



Sure, good idea.

(This is extra text so I can post, because “sure, good idea” is not long enough!)


Ok, so…I’m beginning to remember why I did not include this column in the first place!

What’s the meaning of the value in the “Context” column? It doesn’t seem to have any obvious meaning.
The documentation is on it is useless, and there isn’t much online about it either.


The context is whatever the developer decides it should be. It is used to help tie what is being worked on to an actual item in the system.


OK, it’s been added for next beta. Sorry for the delay.