Set 1; 101 results - want to save to worksheet with 101 tabs

I run a script and get 101 grids

I can save 1 grid to excel instance

I want to save all 101 grids to 1 worksheet with 101 tabs

is there a menu or option to do this?

Or can I put statements in my script?

Or run in command line mode from DOS window - I saw an example of saving sql
output to files??

It would be even better if I can do this from Toad for Data Analysis!!!


You can do this in the Export Wizard or Automation’s Select to activity.

Use your script that has the multiple SQL.
Choose to export as Excel and choose a file name. It will automatically create a new tab for each result set. Don’t use Excel Instance use Excel file.


Thank you Debbie,

I used the
Export Wizard - had a problem the 1st time it made the tabs but were all garbled.
So I tried again and noticed the “Use Column Names from a Header Row” option.
Used that option and it created the Tabs perfectly - very awesome.

Wow You Know ToadDataAnalysis!!!