Set Variable In Automation

The script I’ve created queries all state jurisdictions for a client and feeds it into a different SQL through a loop dataset.

If the client ID begins with a 0 or a state jurisdiction, such as 01 through 09, TDP will drop the pre-leading 0 as if it was an integer. I am currently using TDP 3.5.

Any input would greatly be appreciated.

I see that if I set a local variable to a column value that is 09 it will strip off the leading zero. But if I don’t set the variable and use the value from the data set it seems to work for me.

If I execute this.



where ADDRESS_ID = 169

And set the value of 01745 to a variable like below it strips off the zero.


But if I use the first SQL and then bind my next SQL like this it works.

select * from ADDRESS

where POSTAL_CODE = ‘#Execute_1_SQL.POSTAL_CODE#’