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TOAD Datapoint 4.0 STRING Variable Problem with numerics

I am using TD automation and setting a variable (IDNoVar) that happens to be a number (00001234). My export returns 0 records because TD is stripping these leading zeroes. The variable is set to a STRING data type. The export SQL is to Teradata and the where clause is trim(IDNo) = trim(:IDNoVar). The IDNo column is Varchar(8). When the automation executes TOAD sets this IDnoVar to ‘1234’.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Thanks for your help.

Try the latest Beta. I believe this is fixed.

I work for a very large bank - Beta software is not an option. Is there a workaround?

You can try concatonating a leading alpha character to your number string (i.e. A00001234) and then comparing to the right(:IDNoVar, len(:IDNoVar) - 1) to your IDNo field in Teradata. Hope that workaround works.