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Setting Logging in an Automation to Verbose breaks Send Email in 5.2

I created a very simple Automation Script that just has a single Send Mail Activity as shown below:


Here are the settings for the Send Email Activity, note I am including the logs:


With the Logging Level set to Basic, and the other General Settings as shown below, the system sends me an email with the log attached with no issue.


Here is s screenshot of the in app log:


If I then just change the Log Level to Verbose and Run the Automation, I get the following errors:

It appears that some part of the process is not honoring the Log Path defined in the Automation and is looking for logs in the default path. As I never use the default Log Path in Automations I discovered the Automation folder in the default path was never created for this user. After manually adding the folder the process stopped erroring out. Please update the code to always use the defined logging path for Verbose Logging or if some Activities are going to ignore the custom path and use the default one, they need to create the "Automation" directory if it does not exist. I spent half a day trying to figure this out on a fresh install on a new OS trying to determine if it was a user permission issue / install issue / OS issue...

Thanks Michael - I'll try to reproduce this one.

Hi Michael, I could not reproduce this using your steps. I'm trying to find out if that might be related to the MailBee.dll.

@michael.r.hinkle Could you send us the log that contains the error? I tried it a couple of more times with different log locations and could not reproduce your error.