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Share Scheduled job definitions in Team Coding


I start using Team coding with a TFS server.
I finally managed to understand how it works and we are now working with a version control solution for our procedures, packages,....
but I cannot see how to add scheduled jobs, chains, schedules ?

Is it possible ? How can I make a version control follow up of these objects ?

Tnak you

Hi Charline,

Team Coding was designed to do change control and version control for DDL-based objects within the database. It doesn't automatically support scheduled jobs, chains, or schedules by default, since they're not really DDL objects; however, you can still manually add them whenever they're created by simply doing the following steps:

  • Navigate to the job in the Schema Browser
  • Click on the Script tab and send the script to the editor
  • Save the script to a file
  • Click the "Add to VCS" button and select a VCS project folder to place the script into.

Once it's in version control, it will also show up in Team Coding's VCS Browser, so you'll be able to check the script out, drag it to the editor to open it, modify it, and check it back in as needed.

I hope that helps in what you're trying to accomplish. Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions or if there's anything else we can do.



Hi John,

I did this save to a file action but how can I add this to VCS ?
The buttons like 'Add File....' are all grey in the Toad application

Can you explain me more about this ?
Your solution is good for me as we do not really change very often the jobs but rather want a backup

Tank you

Hi John,

sorry about this. I understood your solution.
Just after having saved as a file, I don't close it and then I see indeed the Add file option.

This is perfect for me
Thank you