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Beta Notes
Team Coding
Local files and scripts can now be controlled manually even while working within a Team Coding environment. If the editor senses that what you’re working with is a file or script that’s not a representation of a database object, the editor will default to file-based source control functionality allowing you to manually select a project folder for the file you’re editing, and then add, check-out, or check-in the file as desired. Toad will still use the VCS settings as defined on the Team Coding server; however, by doing this you can manually organize your scripts as desired within the version control provider.

Note: this is an option primarily for the Editor. Please remember that location of your local scripts should exist within the local folders mapped by your version control provider.

In addition:

  • You should no longer receive the prompt that your VCS settings are different than those on the server. If there are VCS settings defined on the Team Coding server, Toad will automatically use them, while still retaining your local options for that provider.
  • The Team Projects tab of the Team Coding Manager window will only display if connected to a database where Team Coding is enabled. Otherwise, it will be hidden and only the VCS Browser will display.