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Shared snippets and CTL-SPACE

I’m using TOAD for SQLServer V6.6.

When I first started using the program, I created local snippets. I always included a “shortcut” for each snippet. In the query edit window, I could type in the shortcut text then press CTL-SPACE to expand the shortcut. That worked really well. I then decided to share my snippets so I set up a “shared snippets folder” and moved all of my snippets there. Now when I enter the short cut text and press CTL-SPACE I get a prompt that asks me to “Insert Snippet:” and I have to use the mouse to select the directory and snippet. It is not nearly as nice as CTL-SPACE. How can use “short cutes” with CTL-SPACE with shared snippets?


Sorry for your inconvenience. I create TSS-1062 for this and we will keep update.

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This is still broken in Is there any hope this will ever get fixed?


Many apologies for the delay in resolving this issue.

We have had a number of platform support requirements to implement (SSMS 2016, TFS 2015) as well as a number of priority enhancements so unfortunately this won’t get fixed in in our next (6.8) release. I will endeavour to ensure this is fixed in the release following.