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Snippet : snippet token from clipboard


Is there a way to have a token in the snippet that pastes the content of the clipboard into the snippet ?

Example "select * from product where product_id = $$paste-from-clipboard$$ and group = 'XYZ' and other_things = 0", with shortcut 'selprod'

Say I somehow have a product_id on the clipboard that I copied from somewhere (from a support email for instance, or from the ticketing system). It would have been nice if I immediately could run the snippet and the product_id from the clipboard is automatically pasted into the resulting query.

Now I first have to paste the product_id in toad, then select it, en then press ctrl-space to open the 'insert snippet', then have to select "SQL(SQLSERVER)" then have to scroll down in the list to find my snippet (as I can't type the shortcut "selprod" in that list).

It would be easier to just type "selprod" in toad editor followed by ctrl-space.

Any ideas ?