Sharepoint to Oracle


I need to know how to load multiple Excel files stored in SharePoint, with the same format and headings, into a single table in Oracle. Any quick help would be much appreciated.

I don’t know anything about SharePoint, but in Toad’s Automation Designer, there’s an “Import Table Data” action that will import data from Excel.

Once you have an action set up, the easiest way to change only the file name is to do a CTRL+C on the action and paste it into notepad. Find the line in there that starts with "FileName = " and change it. Then copy and paste all of that text from notepad back into the Automation designer. That will create a new action that you can just rt-click and run.

If you attempted to change filenames from the GUI, you’d have to set up the field mappings again.

A single “import table data” action can import multiple sheets of data from one excel file - not sure if that helps you or not.