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Show full datetime in a datetime column?

Hi. In the result set grid, TDA is only showing me the “date” portion of a column that is a datetime format (and contains full datetime data) – database is SQL Server 2008. Is that a bug or do I have something set incorrectly in my settings or connection? The other odd thing is that earlier this morning when I ran the query it DID show the entire datetime, but after exiting TDA and coming back to it now, I run the query and it only shows the date portion of that column … very odd.

datetime display issue screenshot.png

Check your fromat options. There is a general date time format choice as well as a SQL Server specific on in the customs tab.


Even after I made the suggested change, the four datetime fields were still showing as date fields. However, after I moved them a few columns to the they're showing the full format. Why would the placement in the Select statement result in showing the time or not?