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display dates as dates


I am using Toad Data Point and Teradata. I see that dates display as timestamp, with zeros for the time part. I would like dates to be displayed just as a date. How to do this?

date ‘2016-01-04’ as a_date,
timestamp ‘2016-01-04 03:04:01’ as b_timestamp,
time ‘03:04:01’ as c_time

displays the value for a_date as

1/4/2016 12:00:00 AM

and this display format is same as field b_timestamp.

I would like a_date displayed without the time part (as it is unnecessary and distracting).

My setting tools / options / environment / Grid / datetime is set to G by default, but other settings didn’t help.

Thank you


Hi Kumar,

You should know that Toad maps Teradata Date and Time types to .Net DateTime and the same format is used for the Teradata Date and Time columns.

To show only Date part of Date/Time columns you can use custom format like yyyy-MM-dd. It will display dates like 2016-04-05.