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Shrink GUI for datafiles under TOAD 10.1

Hello All,

In TOAD 8.0 there was GUI to shrink and resize the datafiles within the respective tablespaces, but in TOAD 10.1 i dont see that option...

Please suggest me where is this option in TOAD 10.1

Attached is the screenshot of TOAD 8 where the option was available


Hi All,

Can anyone please help or guide in this regard…

We can easily shrink/resize the datafiles in toad 8 GUI, but in toad 10 , we are unable to locate such option…

Is this GUI no more supported…?


In SB>Tablespaces RHS datafiles>Alter datafile, there’s a “Minimum size?”
feature that will shrink the datafile.

Hi matt.wilkins,

Thanks a lot for the reply…

This resolved my question, i was searching for the same option…

Thanks for the guidance