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Enhancement: Take over the result of the Function "Minimum size" of datafiles into the size field


I like the function “Minimum size” of datafiles.

For resizing i have to remember the result value and then i have to enter this and the dimension manually back to the fields.

I wish to have a button or function key for transfering.

And i wish choosing the dimension (MB or GB) displaying the size.



Database > Tablespaces > [Files] tab > Alter Tablespace > [[Data Files] tab - Edit button.

Ah sorry - I see you were asking for an enhancement. Any enhancement requests like this should be added tot he Idea Pond. Thanks.

This feature already exists.

Go to Database -> Administer -> Tablespaces

Click on the “Files” tab.

Click the first toolbar button - “Calculate reclaimable MB”. This will determine the minimum space for every file in your database.

When it finishes, select the file(s) you want to shrink to that size, then click the last toolbar button “Shrink to minimum MB”.

Hallo John,

thank you very much.

You presents the solution,

which i did not know until now.

Best Regards


Hi John,

the function is fine, but very very long running on databases with some 100 files.

Using the function “shrink to minimum MB” i have to remember the returned value.

And it is a hard way to remember when controlling a lot of files.

My idea is reduction the “Calc reclaimable…” to some files

or to set the returned value of '“shrint to min …” by an confirmation to the “Datafile Size” field.



Ok, the next beta will show this when you click “minimum size”. If you click Yes, the size will be applied in the dialog.


Hi John,

thank you.

This very fast impementation will be very helpfull for my work.

Best Regards