Slow Connection Times

Connecting to our schemas is very slow due to the following code:

SELECT /*+ ALL_ROWS */ table_name, table_owner FROM ALL_SYNONYMS WHERE owner =


We have a lot of synonyms, so ALL_SYNONYMS is slow. We have “Check for
access to DBA Views” checked and the schemas have the “SELECT ANY
DICTIONARY” system privilege. Why doesn’t the query change to use
DBA_SYNONYMS? That would be very fast.



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I believe the intent was to ensure that you can select from the target table.
There is probably a better way to do that.


Sorry. I never saw your response. Yahoo groups again throwing Emails to the bit bucket. I just thought I would check today on Yahoo Groups for any activity on my topic.

Are you saying that query is not affected by “Check for access to DBA Views”?


re: the yahoo groups, I recommend using the toad world discussion groups instead. Much better interface than yahoo, IMHO.