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Some suggestions for the PostgreSQL support


I have some suggestions to improve the PostgreSQL support in TDM

  1. allow the Not null constraints to be named (the way this is possible in Oracle, Postgres supports the same syntax)

  2. Map TDM domains to real Postgres domains. Postgres supports domains directly, so TDM could generate the approriate CREATE DOMAIN statement instead of re-mapping the datatypes for the columns during DDL generation. Something like this:

CREATE DOMAIN d_lastname AS varchar(50) NOT NULL;

id serial not null,
lastname d_lastname

  1. drop the addition of “with (oids=false)” completely in the generated SQL (if it’s unchecked). It only clutters the generated SQL and nowadays does not server any purpose as it’s the default anyway (as oids are deprecated).

  2. Allow comments for sequences, views and domains (if generated). Currently sequences neither have “Notes” nor "Comments. And Views only have “Notes” which are not generated into SQL comments. I know this can be worked around using the “After Script”, but a “real” comment would be cleaner.

  3. Add the option to specify “UNLOGGED” tables. This is a new feature in Postgres 9.1


thank you very much! I added your suggestions to idea pond and would like to ask you to put there other feature suggestions you might have.

We plan to improve support for PostgreSQL, thanks again!



see comments in idea pond, please. Some of the items are already solved.
In short:

  1. Use Dictionary Items
  2. Comments are available for Dictionary items
  3. Available in the latest BETA version

And the rest was added to our ToDo list.



Thanks for the feedback.

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