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Hi All, i’ve been a pretty avid user of TDM v2. Just upgraded to

When i generate DDL for my model, there is a section for each table which has a comment in front of it like so:


when i attempt to execute the code, TOAD stops on every one and asks me to fill in the value for :Columns (because of the ampersand in the comment).

any way to get rid of the Ampersand?

thanks in advance!

David S - Tampa, Fl


Hi David,

to turn this off issue;

you could put this in you Model Before Script.

Note to Vladka - it would be better to change this to “and” sometime

kind regards



it would be better to change this to “and” sometime.

Done. :slight_smile:
It will be available in next TDM version (Beta and full).

Thanks for your great co-operation!


Vladka + Mario


Hey guys. thanks much. that (of course) gave me a perfect and simple work around.

also, thanks for modifying it for the future code…

David S.