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source control doesn't show up in view/toad options

How do I get source control to show up in Toad for Oracle - view/toad options?

Hi David,

Which version of Toad are you using? Also, are you trying to manually control script files, or are you trying to use Team Coding?


Toad for Oracle Xpert 64-bit Add-Ons: DB Admin Module

I found out that I have Team Coding which prevents the Source Control option from showing up in View/Toad Options.

I was able to get PushOk to work with Team Coding so this is resolved.

$27 is perfectly reasonable for the PushOk plugin, but if you know of a free plugin, please let me know.


We are using this to control our stored procedures.

Hey David,

PushOK creates SCC plugins for SVN, CVS, and Git; however, Toad for Oracle has built-in integration for these providers. It simply requires the command-line client for the version control provider you wish to use, which can be freely downloaded from the web. You shouldn’t need to use PushOK to use Team Coding. Just download the client, choose the provider within Toad, and you should be good to go. Which version control provider are you trying to use with Team Coding?

As for the location of the source control options, they were taken out of the View -> Toad Options window back in Toad 12.7. All source control settings now appear under the Team Coding -> Configuration window. There are three main nodes on the left-hand side: Local Settings, Team Settings, and Team Projects. While Team Settings are global settings set by the Team Coding Administrator, you can set personal options for yourself from the Local Settings page.

When Team Coding is enabled, local file-based source control will use the same provider as Team Coding’s. So, if you’re using Subversion for Team Coding, file-based source control will also use Subversion. You can manually check scripts in and out from the Team Coding toolbar or the right-click context menu within the editor.

Let me know if this helps to answer your question, or if there’s anything else we can do to help.


There is a FREE training course on ToadWorld that covers this functionality.

Here is a snippet of the content.

Toad for Oracle - Developers - Version Control and Code Review

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This course is for the Oracle developer who needs to learn how to best leverage Toad’s version control and code review features.
Oracle Developers
self-paced 2 - 4 hours of training and testing materials
This course will cover how to:

  • Configure Toad to work with 3rd party version control software
  • Use Team Coding to check-in and check-out code from the version control system
  • Use Code Analysis to simplify and automate code reviews