Space instead of {null} in data-grid


What is about

When could it be possible to get just empty cells without {null} if there is null within the database.

Would be very nice ( :


Hello Fritz,

I will check on the status of this request and get back to you when I have more information.


Hello Fritz,

May I ask why you would like to have a space instead of the {null} indicator?


Michael, fairly sure “space” in this case means “empty space”, not the “space character”.

Having “{null}” in the field can feel annoying and makes is les obvious that the value is actually null. Arguably, a much better solution would be to set the background color to something different for the null cells and leave their value empty.

Also, since I did login already, I may as well mention that since the addition of the whole “{null}” text thing, filtering and sorting with null values became impossible, since these “{null}”'s are not considered null anymore.

I actually think seeing a {null} is clear and obvious. If I saw “nothing” then I would assume it’s a null string like ‘’, which is NOT a null.

Michael Garza: May I ask why you would like to have a space instead of the {null} indicator?

May I ask why you must ask why ? You're the dev right ? just make it an option to people, what the heck is the big deal ?????


TecNQ: I actually think seeing a {null} is clear and obvious

That's just YOU

How would you disambiguate the empty string and null in this case (Because they are very different to the DB and behave completely different in a where clause).

Hi Matelot,Fritz,aasoft

I don’t know why do you want change the behaviour of the grid where is a field with null value, but I’m totally agree with TecNQ and Henrik.

Empty string and null value of the field is totally different.

If you want change the {null} value, what’s do you think to use to replace it ?

I’m just curious…

Best regards.


s.bertolotti....I'm just curious....

AGAIN......because it's GOOD to have options, you don't have to use it. Your points/curiousioty are understanble but let me worry about that.

I'm not going to let my company buy licenses until this option PLUS the "result to text" (like SSMS has) option have been added

Hi Matelot,

many thank’s for your explanation.

Best regards.


H. Johnson: How would you disambiguate.....

Let the people like me worry about that