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I am not shure if this is a right forum for my question, but Soo is comming with my TOAD for DBA Suite so:

When I am in the “History View” mode I am not able to see SQL Statements executed in the particular snapshot.

I can see SQL statements only in live connection.

What I am doing wrong ??


Sorry I forgot:

My Oracle is 11gR2 running on IBM Unix

Spotlight is running on Windows 7 64bit


AWR statistic is separated module which has to be paid separately. So please ask your DBA if theses modules (they exists) are allowed to use.

Hi Aci,

Unfortunately SQL statements are not available in the Spotlight History Browser. Here is a list of items that are not available in the History Browser.

Data That Does Not Appear in The History Browser

Certain features in Spotlight on Oracle cannot be captured for display in the Spotlight History browser, even when the relevant Spotlight options are chosen. The features that cannot be collected in historical snapshots are:

The SQL & Application Workload Drilldown.

The Activity Drilldown | Waits Page | Grid.

The Activity Drilldown | ( Waiting Events Page (Oracle 10g and later) | Waiting Events Page (Oracle 9i))

The I/O Drilldown | Summary Page | Bottom chart.

The Configuration & Memory Drilldown | Buffer Cache Page | lower grid.

The Configuration & Memory Drilldown | Oracle Parameters Page.

The Operating System Drilldown | OS Storage Page.



Thank you Kevin. Are there any plans for further releases to cover this ??

Thank you and best regards!

We are looking into it but nothing official yet. There is an Idea Pond on the Spotlight on Oracle community page at where you can post suggestions for upcoming releases and the other members of community can vote on them. That would be a great place to suggest this.


THX for nice info-very helpful.
just to clarify:
“SQL statements are not available in the Spotlight History Browser”

This means that Spotlight is not using any kind of AWR data?


Damir Vadas

That is correct. Spotlight will monitor the status of the OEM agent but does not make use of any of the OEM features.


Valuable info. THX a lot.


Damir Vadas