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SQL Nav 6.2 Commit (Auto Commit or Immed Commit)


There used to be an “auto commit” or “immediately commit” type of option in the preferences. I think that I was on Sql Nav 5.5 or some version close to that. Anyway, I had the preferences set up to where there was NEVER a commit unless I explicitly ran the command myself.

For version 6.2, can I set it up to work this way? Does ver 6.2 auto commit for any updates, inserts, etc or do I have to explicitly issue the command myself?

Or if I run an UPDATE statement or INSERT or DELETE, will it be automatically COMMITED?

The help in version 6.2 states “Note that there is a global preference available to automatically commit every DML statement. This preference is found in the Preferences dialog under the Session group.”

I do not see such an option when I look in preferences.




The mentioned preference has been removed from sqlnav 6.2. You will need to issue a commit statement to commit any DML. I will raise a task to update the help file.