SQL Nav 6.2 Updating Triggers

I have tested this from both the DB Navigator as well as Toolbox -> DB Explorer

  1. Open an existing trigger
  2. Go to the ‘Columns’ Tab
  3. Select a column on which you want the trigger to fire.
  4. Apply the changes.

When I go back to the Columns Tab, the column I selected is there.
If I close the trigger and open it again OR extract the DDL the change is NOT there.

I got around this by:

  1. Execute step 1-4
  2. Make a change to the trigger body (just add a space)
  3. Clicked ‘Generate SQL for changes’

The SQL script generated, containted the “UPDATE OF column1” statement


Thanks Annelize. I will raise a CR and have it fixed for 6.3.


Hi Gwen

Has this been fixed for 6.3? I don’t have a CR number and can’t find it by looking through the “List of bug fixes/enhancements from customers’ case**s”

Hi Annelize,

Yes, this issue has been fixed in the 6.3 production release. CR 7904 as attachedf has been raised on your behalf a while ago.

The query produces the list of customers cases only included the cases id which we received from our Support system.

CRs from the Community are not included yet in that list. With the next Beta cycle for 6.4, we are looking into providing you and all Community users an live/upto date list of Community/Beta CRs which you can track the status of all issues reported on this forum.

Thanks and regards,

Thank you for the info, Bruce.

Hi Annelize,

Just another note on the trigger changes. In 6.3, existing trigger objects will be opened in Code editor as attached screenshot, which gives you the ability to debug trigger body now.

Please note create new trigger object still to be managed in the Trigger VOE. In a future release, we will remove the trigger VOE and use the Code Editor to manage both creating and editing trigger objects.