Trigger properties disappear when formatted

I’m hitting an issues that was fixed in the 6.4 1920 beta and appears to be back in 6.5 production. When editing a trigger, if I format it using the format tool, the trigger properties disappear. If I then save it, the trigger properties re-appear. this can be a tad annoying when it won’t save due to something being wrong in the trigger properties.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for finding this out. We fixed this issue in 6.4 GA but after we made changes to the trigger properties pane in 6.5 (it’s now a dockable pane), the problem appears again. We will fix this soon.


I haven’t had a chance to try the latest beta. Is issue that went away in 6.4 and came back in 6.5 gone again in 6.6?

Hi Mark

Looks like we lost that change from 6.5 onwards.
I tested the 6.6 beta and it is also present there.

We will look into this and try to bring it back in 6.6 again.

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Actually Mark, my mistake!

Yes this problem exists in 6.5, but it has been resolved for 6.6

Please test it on the latest beta if you get some time.


Appears to be fixed in the 6.6 release. Thank you.