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SQL Navigator 6.2.0 and Windows7


Hello, I searched around the forums and didnt find asubject about it so here it comes.

Some coworkers just changed there computers which have windows7 spanish version installed. And have just one oracle_home.

Just after logging in an error comes out saying OPERATION ABORTED (as the one in the attached picture) and besides the language of the differentes schemas seams to be in chinese or japanese (cant tell the difference).

Can anyone help me out wih this.

I had the same problem in the past, but i had vista and the issues was cause i had many oracle homes cause of forms, warehouse, and others.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Estuardo,

Do you have the National Language Support preference under Session set to Display and Edit Multi-byte Data? Please try to change it and let us know what you see.



Hello roman sorry for the delay on my reply.

My coworkers did what u said but they keep seeing the same thing.

Since one of them needed to work he installed the 5.5 version we have and he was able to work with it with out a problem. I think will try again with 6.2 in W7 next week until then.


Hi Estuardo,

The snapshot shows the issue with DB Explorer. This tool was added in version 6.0. Would you please check DB Navigator tree in version 6.2 and let us know if it has the same problem? DB Navigator tree can be opened by pressing F12.