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sql navigator 6.2.0 export to Excel not working

I’m using sql navigator 6.2.0 and export to Excel not working. Data geting corapted now. I belive it use to work and stoped resentlly. How would I make it work?



Could you please provide more info on the corruption issues.

Does it happen to every export to excel you try?

How big and type of data you try to export?

What version of Excel do you have?

We could not reproduce the corruption issue.

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It happens now to every report when I’m trying to save as Excel (works fine if saved as txt).
The message in Excel is “Excel found unreadable content in …”
I’m trying to save just couple records with couple columns where data just 5-10 char in one “cell”.
Currently I have office 2003 (including Excel) installed on my PC.
I did not do those exports for a while but I think it used to work seemed like it stopped recently.

Thanks for your help.

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I cannot reproduce this issue as I have Office 2007 installed, however I did find some cases we have in the system where customers were having problems with Office 2003 after applying the latest patch.

We have a note in our case that a workaround was to have Excel open in the background and then the export would work properly after that.

Please try it and see if it helps you, and I will investigate this further for you and see if there is another solution I can recommend.


Thanks a lot it did work when I had Excel opened in background. Not sure if you are planning to do any update for that if so could I be email or something? Because seemed like the “Check Updates” function in my 6.2 sql navigator not working (could not find any info on that. maybe I should set up some proxy setting someware).

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As a work around you can continue to do as I suggested which is to leave excel open in the background, or some customers have reinstalled office and not applied SP3 and this also resolved the problem.

Another alternatice is to upgarde your office version to a later release.

Unfortunateley we do not plan to fix this issue and you will most likeley find that using the latest SQL Navigator version will have the same problem.

You are welcome to try it though, you can install it along side your current version of SQL Navigator and use 6.2 or latest version. There are many features since 6.2 that you may like.

In 6.2 we did have an issue with the ‘Check for updates’ working behind a proxy so you will need to download it from our support site (We fixed that issue from 6.3 onwards). If you wait a couple days, 6.7 will be out, so you can download the latest version:|101|-1|,Nea:True,N:268435514&Dt=SQL%20Navigator%20for%20Oracle

You will need to provide your supportlink login details.



Seems this issue you have come across is an old one and we have a few cases about it from a few years ago.
The issue is related to Office SP3 update. All of the customers who logged the issue had applied the latest office patch: 11.8211.8202, SP3

If I will load 6.7 is it free or you charging for upgrade (at some point we already purchased 6.2)? If yes how much?

Thank you were really helpful.


Our support team would be able to assist you regarding the upgrade information.

Could you please contact our Support team -

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