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SQL Navigator DDL Extract prefix incorrect

I’m experiencing (what looks to me like) the same problem Felipe had back in 2009 with the DDL extract prefix. Our team uses the schema prefix option but when we perform the extract we get <schema_name>_<object_name> where there is an underscore rather than a period as a separator.

Is it the end of the world? no… but our standards require us to use the period and, well, it’s a state agency so you know what sticklers we are for process and procedure :wink:

I can’t locate where this was handled previously, but is it possible that the old fix got lost when 6.5 was compiled? And is it not an issue in 6.6?

thanks :slight_smile:

hi Rick,

We did not make changes yet in v6.x to in clude the ‘.’ instead of the ‘_’ as per you reported in your post.

We have raised CR 14480 to have the ‘.’ to meet your requirement (we noted too that previous v5.5 uses the dot). We will try to do the changes for you in the next release v.6.7.

Thanks and regards,