Delete button prompts for dropping objects in new Sql window (Nav 6.3)


I open a new sql window and go to my Toolbox -> DB Explorer and extracted a ddl on one of my seqences.

  • Note that my Toolbox is NOT pinned down

Then I opened a new sql window (new tab) in the current session and typed another select statement.

Pressing the DELETE button on my keyboard as a way to clear text, promted the following message:
“Are you sure you want to drop Schema Object SCHEMA_NAME.SQ_SEQUENCE_ID”

I moved my mouse over to the toolbox, it popped open and I and noticed that the object promted for deletion was highligted.

A way to prevent this from happening was to select the “Drop” and “Truncate” safety options in the preferences

I’m running SQL Navigator although I was able to replicate this in 6.2.1 previously.

Kind regards,

Hi Annelize,

Thank you for your finding. Nice catch :-).

The extractDDL for sequence object type does not put the focus in the Code editor after the script is displayed. It only happens with sequence type. We will get this fix for you in 6.4.

Thanks again.


Great, thanks Bruce.

This seems to be fixed in 6.4.
Thank you.