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SQL Navigator 7: Templates with Ctrl+J not sorted

Hi there,

in SQL Nav 7 the templates don’t work as in 6.7

Pressing Ctrl+J brings up the template list unsorted and also I ordered the templates in groups like pl_case, pl_loop, xsl_if, xsl_choose etc.

So entering “xsl_” and pressing Ctrl+J brought up a ordered list containing only entries starting with “xsl_”.

Maybe you could reimplement the old functionality into version 7

Thank you


Hi Heli,

Thank you very much for your reporting.

We changed component for dot look up function as well as code template in version 7, so that might caused some problems compared with 6.7. Anyway I can see the issues you mentioned and I have raised story #SQLNAV-1253 for it, any update from our team about it will let you know, thanks.

Best regards,


Hi Heli,

This code template issue has been fixed in our v7.0.1 patch build. you can download it from our support link:…/download-new-releases

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Thanks again,