SQL Query Inputbox problem

Hi All

I have a small problem that I am hoping someone will be able to shed some light on. We have a Excel spredsheet, that contains lots of rows of data, I have tried to get it moved to Access, but they want to keep the spreadsheet. So, basically all I need is for a box to pop up and ask the user to input a product name or part of the product name, finds that row and then uses the data to create the report. I am new to SQL so please forgive the crudiness of the code below, when I run the query I always get an error of not enough of parameters, any ideas.

SELECT Data.Revision
, Data.Description
, Data.Name
, Data.Site
, Data.Location
where Name.DAS = inputbox([Enter Name])
FROM C:\Public\DAS.xls.Data Data

One way would be to create the SQL in Excel with a parameter. Use the “Import External Data --> New Database query”. Choose a data source and add your columns. On the filter data page select the column and option and enter a “?”. This is the symbol for an unnamed parameter. Click through to the end. When it is executing it will ask you to enter a parameter value. To refresh use the red bang and it will ask again for a new parameter.


Thank you for the reply, I did what you suggested but it didn’t ask for me to eneter a paramater, here is the SQL statement

SELECT Data_List.SystemID, Data_List.Revision, Data_List.Name, Data_List.Description, Data_List.Site, Data_List.Location
FROM C:\Public\DAS Live.Data_List Data_List
WHERE (Data_List.Name>’?’)

You shouldn’t quote the ? as you are doing in your example.


Removed the quote and it ask for a paramater, after entering the paramater it does not extract the signle record

Yeah, but ‘?’ means a string containing a question mark while as ? by itself is a parameter. So if you want Toad to ask you for its value don’t quote it.


Yep sorry I miss understood, removed qoute and it does ask for the paramater, howerver after entering the paramater it does not extract the single row

Hmm, and it does work when you enter the value by hand in the query?


Yep, I run the query and with the full name and it brings back lots of rows and not just one specific row