SQL Recall

I just started using version 12.10 as I was forced to let go of version 11.6 on my new work laptop.  One of the main reasons I found myself going back to 11.6 was because of the new SQL recall layout.  I find it terribly run on and cumbersome to look at and use.  Please Dell - bring back the better formatted, more user friendly layout of previous versions.

Please vote also for "Please bring back the "Filter" line/input window" posted 12. Jan. 2018

Christine, you may want to check out the Group-By options within the SQLRecall list.  You should be able to get pretty close to the list format you had before.

Simply right-click anywhere within the Recall List content, and select a desired Group-By effect.  I've actually changed mine to "none" to reflect what I used to see in previous versions of Toad, instead of the default grouping by date.  

Hope this helps.

Hi Gary, thanks so much for the feedback.  I did try those options before posting here and found that the group by helps a bit when viewing saved SQL but not recently executed, and even the view using group by for the saved SQL isn't as robust as it was in previous versions.  I'm just not seeing the benefit of the changes made in this particular area of the application and am hoping Dell will considering bringing back the previous layout.

On behalf of all our Toad family, thanks for sharing your ideas.  That's why we have the Idea Pond...it's one of ways that we can keep an ear to the ground regarding our customers' needs.   Your voice is heard, so we'll see how R&D responds.  

If I may, it would be useful to describe in detail your preferred format.  Otherwise, we'll assume we're talking here about the default format that appeared in 11.6.

Hi Gary, unfortunately I no longer have access to 11.6 so I can't easily describe it in detail but yes, the basic options/functionality in 11.6 were great.  I've been using Toad since the earl 2000's and it seems to me that this particular functionality seemed to stay fairly consistent, until now.  Thanks again.