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SQL Recall Readability



In other tools I use, the display of the sql history / sql recall is implemeted a little differently. I’m not here trying to make any comparisons, but I do have a question about using the “sql recall” in Toad Data Point. The roadblock to its usefulness for me lies in the fact that I can’t actually “see” the sql. It’s jammed onto a single line with no ability to enlarge the grid for better viewing. The only thing I’ve been able to find, so far, is to manually copy or drag it to the editor. It just seems like not the most elegant way to quickly and easily see my history. Am I missing something? I don’t find it very useful and I really want to.




FWIW, I’m using Toad Data Point 3.2



In the latest version of Toad Data Point you can hover over the SQL statements and the full statement will show. I am not sure about this functionality in older versions.



I’ve seen that, but don’t find it particularly useful, especially if there are a number of entries or I want to actually examine or copy only a section / piece of the sql in history. Even being able to resize the row height would be helpful