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Can Toad Data Point connect to SSAS? As in using a cube. If so, how?

Hi Greg,

I can see the SSAS connection type when creating new connection - have you tried it? Or maybe creating a odbc data source and using it as generic odbc connection in Toad - but i googled out that only Tabular mode works in such case and for multidimensional you have to use linked sql server. (I am not personally experienced in this area, just sharing what i was able to find)


We most definitely connect to MSAS. Once connected you will see that the Query Builder and Data tab browse quite different because of the cubes.

I am on Toad Data Point 3.7 basic (not Pro). I don’t see a connection type of Analysis Server.

This type of connection is only offered in the Pro edition. You can download the latest Beta and check it out there.

Thanks, I suspected that was what it was.

As always you are the best.