Toad Data Point v3.3 Connection error: SSAS (Microsoft Analysis Services on SQL Server) Data Service Database Error: Invalid data source definition: Couldn't resolve host name

Hi All,

Thank you for releasing v3.3 - just on time.

Now to my problem. I cant connect to SSAS cube using the new connector in Toad Data Point. Its says:

Data Service Database Error: Invalid data source definition: Couldn’t resolve host name .

I used various server spelling: just a sever name, or a full name, or IP address. Normally, in MS Excel or in Tableau it connects quickly and smoothly and works fine. But in this release it fails to connect. BTW our SQL Server uses Windows-authentication. All things are simple.

Could anyone please explain what exactly is the URI it requires and what could be the problem?

Thank you


Please see the Help file on how to set up.

Before connecting to SQL Server Analysis Services from Toad Data Point, you must configure the IIS Web server (to be used for connecting) for HTTP access to SSAS. See the following instructions from Microsoft:…/gg492140(v=sql.105).aspx.


Thank you! Will try now.