SQRs with TOAD?

Is it possible to run SQRs in TOAD. Right now I use UltraEdit.


The Make/Strip code might be able to work for SQR’s. I’ve tried
building it myself, but I don’t know enough about Peoplesoft to
successfully build a valid template. Here’s what I came up with so

Don’t laugh…or not too loud!

{ Comments section:

Use the following variables to create your own template:

%SqlVar% - variable that receives the sql text

%SqlLength% - sql text length (for string declarations)

%SqlText% - first line of sql text

%SqlTextNext% - subsequent lines of sql text

For the best results, it’s recommended that the

%SqlTextNext% variable be included on a separate line.

Example: Delphi

%SqlVar% : string = ‘%SqlText%’ +

‘%SqlTextNext%’ +







If you are talking about SQR formerly owned by BRIO, then by Hyperion and now by
I believe Oracle which is a “report generation” system then I would
very much be interested in seeing the active SQR code which starts BEGIN_SELECT
and then gets very weird turned into a SELECT statement.

Often someone comes and says my program has problems, but when I say turn it
into a SELECT and I will have a look at it they groan because it requires a fair
amount of work.